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dreamingofdarcy [userpic]

Enchanted 100 icons

December 7th, 2008 (06:22 pm)

Enchanted 100 icons
Enchanted Batch #1 (01-24)
Subject: Enchanted (Disney Movie)
Batch: Batch #1, (01-17)
Themes: Alone, Magical, Embrace, A Dreamers Dream, Brightness, Rain, All Is Right, Wicked, Smile, Ice, Blue, Red, Forgotten, Time, So Close, Joy, Kiss, Desire, Companionship, Flowers, Water, 3 Artist's Choice

Photobucketredmagicalso close

The rest are ~HERE~Collapse )
Additional notes:

  1.  Please credit any icons you take or use.
  2.  Do not steal my work and claim it as your own.
  3.  Do not use these icons as bases.
  4.  Please comment. Comments make me happy.
The fab table is courtesy of obsessivefangrl

dreamingofdarcy [userpic]

My LJ wins

December 6th, 2008 (11:53 am)

Just thought I would post a few winners banners from various contests I entered. These are quite old now, but just so I know where they are.

BannersCollapse )

dreamingofdarcy [userpic]

Various icons

Well, I have finally figured out how to place my graphics 'under the cut'. Here are some icons I have made. Feel free to take anything you fancy, but please comment if doing so.


More under the cut.Collapse )

dreamingofdarcy [userpic]

New community - LIA

December 2nd, 2008 (01:16 pm)

 Well before I post anything else here I thought I might as well begin with a bit of shameless advertising. 

I have set up a brand spanking new icontest community dedicated to all things Lost In Austen. I am addicted to this show.  However, members are needed.  The plan is to have a contest every 2 weeks once we have enough members.  Click on the link below for further details.  


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